Steak and beer are two of man’s best friends, so it’s not much of a surprise that the two pair so well together. But why, exactly, do they work as well as they do? 

  1. There’s a beer for every steak

From mild ales and sour lambics to sweet stouts , there’s a nearly infinite number of brews. There are so many varieties that, no matter what kind of steak you’re cooking, you can find a beer to go with it.

  1. And a beer for every season.

Brewers have gotten pretty creative with their recipes, especially when it comes to seasonal beers. Summer selections are infused with citrus, and winter warmers are laden with spices. And while there are plenty of combinations that should have never have been made, the seasonal selection can transform your steak dinner into a weather-appropriate repast.

  1. Beer’s bitterness balances steak’s fat.

Sirloins, flat-irons, rib-eyes, and other heavily marbled steaks are known for their fatty, beefy flavors, but if you’ve ever bitten into a thick cut yourself, you know that all of that richness can be overwhelming. That’s where beer comes in.

Hoppy beers with higher IBUs ,  like IPAs, light ales, and sessions, are perfect for cutting through the fattiness of steaks. When your tastebuds are overloaded with the meatiness of your meal, the beer acts like a mouth referee, bringing out steak’s flavor and minimizing its fattiness.

  1. Beer is cold, your steak is hot.

Nothing satisfies the taste buds quite like a juicy steak right off the grill (or the pan) — that is, until you chase that hot piece of meat with a cold sip of beer. It’s a refreshing combo that even a chilled red wine just can’t recreate.

  1. The carbonation clears your palate before each bite.

Want to taste everything on your plate? Every last bite of steak? Sipping beer between bites effectively clears your palate. The carbonation of beer and its natural effervescence scrubs your taste buds of any lingering flavors (it’s like Scrubbing Bubbles for your tongue), meaning every time you take a bite, it’ll feel like the first time.

You will discover Black angus Rib-eye and T-bone steaks in 9 Mta’s menu. We have selected appropriate beer styles for those steaks, according to the recommendations of our sommelier and Chicago steak company.

Pale ale & Sirloin Steak

 Pale ale is a light-colored beer with strong flavors and a dry finish. Its fruity undertones pair well with the manly top sirloin.

Red ale  & T-bone Steak

Red ales are all excellent choices when it comes to T-bone steaks. 

While writing this article, the delicious flavors of steak and beer are spinning in 9 Mta.

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source:  https://www.mychicagosteak.com/  


- 9 Mta Team, 2020-06-29