Meet first Georgian cicerone (beer sommelier) Zaza Chadashvili 

Zaza is a Law practitioner. 5 years ago, his life turned upside down when the love of beer led him to the Warsaw Craft beer fest, where he discovered unique world of craft beer previously unbeknownst to him.

Back in the day, only industrial and dull industrial beer was represented in Georgia, which forced him to order beer from international websites, bug his friends abroad and purposefully travel in order to try new and exciting flavors that craft beer world had to offer.

Throughout these years, he had tried and discovered over 1000 different craft beer varieties.

His tedious hobby and passion were significantly eased up with the opening of 9 MTA. After one year of being our loyal customer, he finally joined our team.

Zaza decided to turn his hobby to a newfound-secondary specialty to help Georgian costumers in discovering craft beer world and leading them through an exciting new journey.

 Consultation with Sommelier: +995 555 470 883

FB: https://www.facebook.com/zaza.chadashvili

- 9 Mta, 2020-04-01